Sevenfriday S Series

Sevenfriday, inspired by industries

As lately as in 2012 the Swiss watch brand of Sevenfriday based in Zurich was to launch its initial two products P1-01 and P2-02. Further models such as the P1-04 and P1-05 as well as the new P03 line were about to follow. In summer 2015 another line was to add to the previous: the M-line. By fall 2015 the V-line would eventually complete the collection. The inspiration to design obviously originates from the industrial surroundings. It is therefore based upon steel, factory buildings, engines, machines, and gear wheels. The watches are clearly and collectively affected by these aesthetics and the according atmosphere. All products are distinguished by high grade processing as well as complex construction. The different materials and genres make a captivating contrast on the one and a unique unit one the other hand. Sevenfriday is convinced that even a high class watch in quality as well as appeal can be made affordable.

The new V-line with NFC Chip

So far current collections by Sevenfriday have collectively been technically identical and did only differ in terms of appearance. The new V-line now deviates from former designs without losing sight of the Sevenfriday signature allure. Still the case houses the core of a watch, which is the Caliber as well as the dial with all its displays. In fact the V-line features a robust self-winding Miyota movement. What is new in the V-line is the incorporation of the NFC Chip that serves as a reference to the watch’s originality.

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