As recently as two years ago, that is in May 2012 Daniel Niederer is to base and bring into being the brand of Sevenfriday in Zurich, Switzerland. Intending to come up with a watch contrary to mainstream conventions, he did indeed succeed with a distinct design. The current collection by Sevenfriday is composed of the lines P1-Industrial Essence, the P2-Industrial Revolution and the P3-Industrial Engines. As the names suggest the brand’s concept has been inspired by industrial manufacturing processes. Sevenfriday creates high end watches constantly following a fresh concept that does no longer stick to traditional proceedings.

The Sevenfriday World

      Sevenfriday History

      In May 2012 watch salesman Daniel Niederer was to found the Sevenfriday Association headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. With a headstrong design he did not only realize his ambitions in creating watches contrary to mainstream convention, but also made a major contribution to the brand’s success. Therefore he was to build up a completed concept all around the brand that was clearly inspired by industrial proceedings. As a consequence the watch models appear like fascinating machineries housed in massive form cases. Without providing many complications the watches prove of complex arrangements as well as high grade processing. For more than a decade Daniel Niederer was to work as Managing Director of different luxury brands all around Asia as well as in Japan and Australia. Eventually drawing upon the experience abroad as well as his knowledge of production facilities he was to effect the manufacturing of Sevenfriday watches in selected manufactures in Asia. Thereby Niederer now relies on well-known suppliers of comparable watch manufacturers, while matters of design are collectively left to Zurich. Concerning movements Sevenfriday still relies on the Miyota factory which belongs to the Citizen-Group. As he followed up two popular tendencies in watch manufacturing at once, the square as well as the round, Niederer was to found a completely new perception of design. While cases come in a curvy but still square shape with a fitting frame or bezel, the mineral glass is to cover up the rather round “machinery components”. Well combined and accurately arranged all of these parts as well as hands for hours and minutes perfectly contribute to the complied overall picture. The industrial character is furthermore continued on the 8 screw case back which features engravings that are not only reminiscent of a machine’s rating plate but do indeed indicate information about the watch’s size as well as material. Nevertheless Sevenfriday watches do by no means remind us of a massive turning machine which is wrapped around a wrist but rather a toy tool to play around with all the endless possibilities of time.


      Watches and movements by Sevenfriday

      The current collection by Sevenfriday consists of the lines P1-Industrial Essence including 5 varieties, the P2-Industrial Revolution providing 2 varieties and the P3-Industrial Engines with again 2 varieties. The watch cases are made of stainless steel, partly featuring frames or bezels of PVD and applications of silicone. The small second as well as the power reserve are displayed upon a rotating disc with a fixed hand. In terms of color the watches are made available in silver, orange, green and black each with offset bezels as well as hands and indices. All watches are collectively powered by Caliber Miyota 8275, which is an automatic movement with a power reserve of 40 hours.


      Sevenfriday in the world of watches

      Actually a young watch brand as Sevenfriday would be assumed to have a tough time in gaining a good position in the market. But the obvious outcome of success clearly gives Niederer credit. Headstrong design and high grade manufacturing paired with a consistent concept contrary to conventional proceedings prove promising enough. It attracts the common client as well as the one who seeks to express his individuality. By Sevenfriday it-pieces this is made possible indeed.


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