Patek Philippe Twenty-4

Twenty-4, appealing all-around

As attached to the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 the label of an „all-round appeal“ is certainly ambiguous. Beyond doubt the 23 models of the current collection clearly count as the most delicate pieces of art that do not only serve as time displays but also make a splendid piece of jewelry 24/7. Initially introduced in 1999 the Twenty-4 is slightly based on the Gondolo style and includes several traits of the art deco without being completely subjected to it. As a shape watch exclusively manufactured for the female world it clearly captivates with its distinct complexion. Including the Roman numerals of twelve and six as a signature characteristic of the dial it completes the overall impression of a successful composition in design. The Twenty-4 is generally considered a high grade piece of jewelry that is like all watches by Patek Philippe evidence of excellent processing of precious materials. The watch makes a match to the active woman of the modern age as well as to the rings and earrings made available by Patek Philippe. Thereby they have successfully created completed sets of jewelry that seem quite suggestive as “a little something”.

Twenty-4 Ladies‘ collection

As already mentioned the current Twenty-4 collection by Patek Philippe is made available in varieties and housed in either stainless steel, white or rose gold. All watches collectively feature a diamond setting, though depending on the model these are differently realized. The majority of models come up with 34 diamonds. Yet the highest amount of precious stones is proudly provided by Reference 4910/52G-001, which is a white gold variety covered with 2457 captivating diamonds in total. Due to individual settings each and every watch clearly counts as a single piece. Almost all Twenty-4 models house the home made Quartz movement Caliber E15. Patek Philippe is a manufacture which feels just as much obliged to precision as it seems obsessed with detail. Therefore the Twenty-4 can clearly be considered the ultimate outcome of high ambitioned watch making arts that was to cause the manufacture’s name and fame. Even though engineers might have had a hard time backing up and leaving the stage for the most part to design, their concessions did indeed pay off.

  • Patek Philippe 4910/10A-011 Twenty-4 Edelstahl

    Patek Philippe 4910/10A-011 Twenty-4 Edelstahl

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