Patek Philippe Gondolo

Gondolo, reference to foreign worlds

From 1902 to 1930 the watch manufacture of Patek Philippe from Geneva was ordered to produce a pocket watch in different sizes tailored to both genders by the Brazilian watch makers Gondolo & Labourian. Resulting in the Chronometro Gondolo the project was perfectly realized. Characterized by oversized balanced wheels to provide precision these models were launched in 1993 as a tribute to Gondolo & Labouriau and reminder of rather strenuous times. Inspired by the art deco the watch collection was successfully introduced in Tonneau, rectangular or cushion-shape. As the manufacture found in 1839 in Geneva has been highly affected by the art deco, typical traits have been continuously applied to all their works and watches. Particularly pronounced in case and dial of the Gondolo, this collection is a manifest of the movement at its best. The appeal of the watches in general as well as in detail has caused the company’s renown and reputation. Designers are equally inspired by the art deco as by the art nouveau. Thereby creations regularly refer back to the first decades of the past century but still do not make a secret of their affiliation to the modern age. Thus Gondolo watches make a match of solid style of the past and technical possibilities of the present.


The Gondolo collection by Patek Philippe consists of men’s models, subdivided into different shapes as well as ladies’ models, made available in cushion-, rectangular and Tonneau shaped case as well. Ladies watches predominately provide cases of white as well as rose gold. Partly enhanced by a diamond setting these watches are alternatively powered by Caliber 25-21 REC, E15 and 215 PS. The men’s models are based on platinum, rose-, white- and yellow gold and collectively driven by Caliber 25-21 REC PS. In 2006 star photographer Peter Lindbergh set the spotlight on the ladies watch by Patek Philippe. As suggested in the slogan 'You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.' he was to emphasize the eternal appeal of Patek watches and to carry out the call “Begin Your Own Tradition” which is valid to this day.

  • Patek Philippe 7041R-001 Gondolo Rotgold

    Patek Philippe 7041R-001 Gondolo Rotgold

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