Patek Philippe Calatrava

Calatrava, the emblem of Order

The denotation of the so called Calatrava cross originally derived from the Calatrava Order’s former fortress of same name in 12th century Spain. Ever since serving as the symbol of these clerical knights for over six centuries, it has by now turned into the signature sign of the watch manufacture of Patek Philippe. It might have been a matter of coincidence that it was not until the final closure of the Order in 1838 in Geneva that the Polish Earl Patek was to found the famous manufacture that continued to carry the sign of the Calatrava-cross to the present day. Just as the Order of Knights persisted over periods of time, watches of the Patek Philippe Calatrava collection proved of consistency in classic design since 1932. For though completely unaffected by temporary trend, after all it did not lose sight of technical innovations. Inspired by the plain principles of the Bauhaus as a German school of art and architecture which stipulates form to follow function, the design is to remain timeless over the years and decades yet to come. It clearly is to the engineering art’s and watch making craft’s credit that the use of new materials and calibers constantly results in recent remakes of the Calatrava collection.

Calatrava Collection

The Calatrava’s early beginnings as a mere men’s watch are still recognizable in the collection’s current coverage of men’s models. As opposed to the ladies’ choice of only approx. 10 versions, the men’s range has by now reached a number of aprrox. 30 variants in total. Cases are made of white-, rose or yellowgold as well as platinum and do in parts include diamond indices. The watches are collectively powered by Caliber 240 and 324 S C, each enhanced with different complications. In spite of their rather uniform dial design the 10 variants of the ladies’ line are still made available in multiple materials such as white-, rose- and yellowgold as well and moreover distinguished by diamonds on the bezel. Behind the either white, gold, brown or blue dials these watches are collectively driven by Caliber 215 and 240. The Calatrava models are clearly considered the flagships of the watch manufacture of Geneva which has forever had a single standing. The constant rise in value of their works and watches is evident of a succeeding establishment.

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