Nomos Glashütte Club

Nomos Club

As a pioneer of watch making to settle in the small city of Glashütte Ferdinand Adolf Lange set the first step of a story of success lasting to the present day. The tradition of manual skills combined with modern technology is followed by the Nomos watch manufacture from its very foundation in 1990 right after the reunification onward. Only two years later Nomos Glashütte presents the first collections distinguishing themselves by their sheer elegance ever borrowing the style of Bauhaus. In 2007 the Nomos Glashütte Club entered the market. A model to mend the gap of generations. The first Nomos Glashütte Club was to add a splash of youthful spirit to the signature style of Glashütte. The first Club was cool and smart. The watch to start and rise.

Club Design

Since the first Club in 2007 the collection grew not only by a variety of versions but also in size. While the first model holds a diameter of 36 mm at a height of 8,17 mm, the Club Automatic Date already comes with a diameter of 41,5 mm and a height of 9,78 mm. All in all the collection Nomos Club contains six different varieties that differ in size as well as in their incorporated movements. What all Nomos watches have in common is the rounded stainless steel case, giving the wearer the comfort to wear it on official occasions as well as on the sailboat or ski run. Another feature of the Nomos Glashütte Club is the corresponding strap. Nomos Glashütte relies on original Shell Cordovan leather. The fabric won from a certain piece of horseskin processed in Chicago is usually used for almost all watches of any Nomos Glashütte collection.

The Nomos Glashütte World