MeisterSinger No. 01

MeisterSinger No. 01, watch creation from Munster

Watches by MeisterSinger are extraordinary. So is the German watch manufacturer’s domicile. Located in Munster, North Rhine Westphalia, it is far from traditional strongholds of German watch making arts. Found in 1999 the brand’s name is originally based on medieval singing competitions, which were meant to find new tonalities. In the spirit of these innovations the manufacture’s team constantly seeks to create watches which oppose minimalism to the common complexity of modern models. In fact MeisterSinger watch makers go as far back to the roots as to those former times in which human kind still relied on nature for day-to-day routine. As single-hand watches are modeled on the sun, the most original way of taking the time was to survive not only in the No. 01.

No. 01 Design

Equipped with Caliber ETA 2801-2 by Swiss movement manufacturer ETA SA the No. 01 is distinguished by a dial with a single-hand and a 12 hour ring subdivided into 144 lines in total. The needle-shaped hour hand precisely pointing to the five-minute markers, the scale and slender bezel add to a precious overall picture. The single hand watch clearly benefits from the minimalistic design and captivates by a well-balanced dial division. The iF Design Award as well as the red dot design award which were granted to the “number one” model of the manufacture’s collection do once again attest to its appeal. Reading the watch is due to, or just because of the missing minute hand a rather simple matter. Reminiscent of the times in which time was taken on account of the sun, the single-hand watches have only increased precision and presentation qualities according to Swiss standards. Currently the manufacture’s choice contains three models of the No. 01. These are made available with leather straps of Croco print, Cordovan or Genuine alligator leather as well as bracelets in classically or finely meshed Milanaise.

  • MeisterSinger N° 01 AM3308

    MeisterSinger N° 01 AM3308

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