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Santos, all above the clouds

The Santos de Cartier is considered the leadoff pilot’s wristwatch worldwide. In 1904 on demand of Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont, Luis Cartier was to develop a watch which was at once wearable around a wrist and large enough to capture time on the quick. In fact the incidence gave rise to the initial launch of the Santos collection. But as much as it may be considered a contribution to the pilot’s watch production in general it needs to be mentioned as a milestone in Cartier history. In effect the introduction of the Santos caused the watch and jewelry company found in Paris in 1847 to become known. Today watches as well as movements by Cartier are manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As a watch of square case with a broad bezel of curved edges seamlessly blending into the strap the Santos features traditional Roman numerals on a dial which is perfectly fit to the square frame. Thereby it clearly claims classic status. Rather than capacious complications the watch centers on splendid processing to result in a clearly coherent overall picture. Cartier launches a collection for each, ladies as well as men, which differ in size, movement and dial design to again different degrees. The Santos is a universal watch for him as for her.

Santos Collection

The Santos men’s collection by Cartier contains the models of Galbée, Dumont and Santos 100 in 22 varieties in total. To the ladies’ collection adds the model of Demoiselle and it is moreover made available in 23 varieties. Above all the ladies’ choice is predominately powered by homemade quartz movements, whereas the men’s collection relies on mechanic as well as automatic movements in parts provided by Cartier manufacturing. Cases consist of stainless steel, white-, yellow and rose gold. Dials are mostly held in off-white. Several particularities among these are either enameled or embellished with mother-of-pearl as in the Santos 100 medium, which is effectively enhanced by a hummingbird décor. Not only Marilyn Monroe who celebrates Cartier in one of her most famous songs but also other celebrities as Yves Montand presenting themselves as proud proprietors are actual evidence that Cartier and the Santos de Cartier have made history already.

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