Cartier Ronde de Cartier

Ronde, Illustrious Circle

Since the name Ronde Louis Cartier seems to carry royal connotations already watches of the Ronde collection are actually suggestive of their royal relations. After all several royal houses were and still are counted among Cartier clients. Beyond that the collection comprises of Classics of 166 years of Cartier history. The Cartier manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland consistently creates round-shaped watches with corresponding cases made of timeless materials equipped with the most modern of homemade movements. As watches of the Ronde collection are mutually considered the trinkets of Cartier watch making tradition they have clearly made their contribution to the company’s contemporary standing. In spite of being limited in to the display of time in technical terms these watches clearly prove capable to captivate by other charms.

Cartier Ronde Collection

The Ronde Louis Cartier collection contains more than 10 creations in total. Among those six versions feature the classic Cartier dial with Roman numerals. Housed in cases of either rose or white gold single models are differently set with brilliant-cut diamonds on bezel only or dial, bezel and indices as well. The large version of the Ronde clearly has to be considered an exception. Enhanced with a dial based on 11th century traditions of enameling it shows a black dragon which may be figured as a symbol for life, satisfaction and fortune. While life may be given by Cartier watch makers, satisfaction and fortune of the wearer should follow soon enough. As most exquisite materials add to the expertise of watch makers models may indeed be guaranteed longevity. Alternatively powered by either homemade movement 9754MC or 430MC all watches provide a diameter of 42 mm. Even though they would have to considered men’s watches according to size, they have been shown to be just as much appealing to the ladies’ world. With the Ronde Louis Cartier the company succeeds to satisfy the demand for classic design which cancels complications for the sake of pure and plain appearance.

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