The Monaco, bound to a legend

The Swiss watch manufacture TAG Heuer from La Chaux-de-Fonds has a standing as the superlative in introducing technical innovations ever since its founding year of 1860, which have for the most part persisted to the present day. Instead of resting on their laurels the latest revolution attests to their unbowed ambition to act out the fine arts of watch making, taking fine mechanics to the ultimate limit. With the Monaco V4, TAG Heuer was to present the world’s first timepiece with a belt-driven transmission. Ever since its initial launch in 1969 the Monaco by Tag Heuer has undergone constant elaboration leading to even more innovative means in watch making. Back in the day TAG Heuer came up with the first water resistant square case. This tradition as unusual and unique as it might be, is continued in current models to this day.

Design in completion, Monaco collection

The Monaco collection by TAG Heuer contains different models in different versions. As a matter of course the rectangular cases only house original Swiss movements such as Caliber 36, 12 LS, 12, 11 as well as some Quartz models in whose development TAG Heuer has been immediately involved. The limited edition of the TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 12 launched in honor of the Automobile Club de Monaco is merely for its titanium carbide covering which provides the distinctive deep black coloring mutually considered a particularity. Push-buttons of polished steel add to it as perfectly as the hands and numbers in steel gray on the plain dial. However, the Monaco’s color design is generally dominated by the blue of the initial, legendary Monaco whose name and fame goes back to no other than Steve McQueen. Presenting the Monaco in “Le Mans” the actor actually caused the watch to be eternally associated with southern French principality.

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