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The International Watch Company was found by the American watch maker Florentine Aristo Jones in 1868. Today’s typical IWC watches are based on his pioneer spirit and innovative impact on technology and design. The collection as a whole does not only demonstrate richness in diversity but also pure passion for timepieces of particularly high precision. All IWC watch families: Ingenieur, Portuguese, Da Vinci, Portofino, Aquatimer as well as the Pilot’s Watches provide different variants. World widely well-known for undeniable understatement, watches and chronographs by IWC are distinguished by clear-cut design and technology resulting in perfectly precise watch works.

History of IWC

The course of history of the International Watch Company in Schaffhausen as well as its origin clearly fall out of the ordinary. For a Swiss watch manufacture found in Schaffhausen in 1868 not only the founder’s American roots but also the brand’s base seem rather special in regular Swiss watch history. First of all Schaffhausen is not being located in French- but German-speaking Switzerland, close by the German border just a couple of miles from Lake Constance. Furthermore a watch manufacture being found by an American is considered just as unusual as the northeastern location of the label in Switzerland. But there were plenty of plausible reasons to justify Jones’s practice and proceeding: educated staff enough plus the power of Rhine River did perfectly provide for the mandatory machines.

But as early as a couple of years after its establishment the brand got into economic difficulties, finally forcing Jones and the following American CEO to give up business. Eventually Swiss industrialist Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel bought up the company in 1879, subsequently leading it to success. Hitting peak levels as early as at the launch of the Pallweber pocket watch he proved himself efficient enough. In 1883 the Austrian Josef Pallweber firstly filed a patent for a digital pocket watch, which was then fielded as a product by IWC in 1885 and finally proved a great success. IWC was soon to realize the trend towards the wrist watch and consequently came out with corresponding watches including particular purpose-made movements. Yet the Portuguese, being considered one of the very highlights in IWC manufacture history, is powered by a pocket watch movement. As the original owner of IWC passed away in 1905 the famous psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung by the fact of being married to a Rauschenbach beneficiary actually acquired a quarter of the company. Between 1929 and 1955 the company was then in the exclusive possession of Ernst Homberger Rauschenbach, the German VDO and Mannesmann (to only mention a few who followed) before finally being officially integrated into the Richemont group in 2000.

Watches and movements by IWC

IWC Schaffhausen offers clients a well selected choice of precious watches which are particular in form and function. IWC Families include the Ingenieur, the Portuguese, the Da Vinci, the Portofino, the Aquatimer as well as the Pilot’s Watches. For being costum-made the Portugieser Sidérale Scafusia is solely produced upon request and therefore considered a manifest of the most individual manufacturing possible. As the most exclusive yet most complex mechanic watch model by IWC it is distinguished by a diversity of astronomical displays. While the dial portrays the classic style of a regular Portugieser the reverse side in sapphire glass reveals an astonishing accurate astrolabe precisely calculated and perfectly adjusted to the client’s current place and position. Movements manufactured by IWC are distinguished by a four- to five-digit number following the shortcut of IWC and thereby resuming the range of former movements.

IWC in the world of watches

IWC Schaffhausen undeniably stands out for understatement, therefore products solely set themselves apart by their signature technology and design. Generally all watches and chronographs by IWC are considered perfectly precise timepieces.

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