Baume & Mercier Hampton

Hampton, a highlight

Beyond doubt the Hampton collection by watch manufacturer Baume & Mercier holds for a definite dedication to the Art déco of the 1940s. Designers did indeed draw upon a watch model of these days as the exact example for the current Hampton collection, being part of the product assortment since 1994. The line’s name refers to the legendary weekend resort of NY City’s high society that ever used to and still does like to take a shelter in (their humble second homes) in the Hamptons. Certain varieties such as the Hampton Reference 10033 in rose gold might as well allude to the Chrysler Building, which does as well manifests Art déco style in appearance and workmanship.

The Hampton design

The current Hampton collection by Baume & Mercier stands out for a captivating soft contouring in spite of its rather rectangular composition. Curves can not only be found in the bezel bridging all above 12 to 6 o’clock but also all along the deepened flanks. For though it certainly is considered a vintage watch, it does indeed seem odd for a watch of such ageless attraction to actually carry connotations of retro or retard. The Hampton collection by Baume & Mercier currently contains nine varieties. Predominantly providing alligator leather straps, there are also two among the range to present watches upon steel bracelets. The Hampton Reference 10032 is a chronograph housed in a case of stainless steel and sapphire glass back. All models are distinguished by their distinctive but individual match of case, color of dial and strap. In regards of dial design the aforesaid Hampton Reference 10033 counts for an exception: as the only one of all Hampton models it has Roman instead of regular numbers and comes a lot closer to its ancestor from back in the day of the 40s than barely any other. The Baume & Mercier Hampton is a watch that invites to touch and feel: soft and smooth surfaces as well as solid cases. The common Hampton owner will be happy to have quite a knowledge about his watch. There is a lot to share.

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    Baume & Mercier Hampton MOA10020

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